Namangan Square
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Nestled in the heart of Namangan city, Namangan Square is an exciting new luxury development that will see the creation of a contemporary 18-hectare mixed-use community located 1km from the Namangan Airport and 6.5km from the Namangan train station.

Designed and created with precision by the award-winning Architect Hafeez Contractor, renowned as “The Man Who Draws India”, Namangan Square is poised to become a residential and commercial haven conceptualized with a strong combination of traditional and cultural values reflecting the essence of the historic Ferghana Valley.

The development will feature approx. 1500 high-quality fully designed (*with all repairs) residential homes as well as luxury penthouses with breathtaking views overlooking beautifully landscaped gardens and a golf course. The community will also comprise of attractive public areas including; children’s outdoor play facilities, pedestrian trails, kindergarten facilities, an international English medium school, a clubhouse with a variety of sport and recreational amenities and much more.

Inspired by the enterprising spirit of Namangan, the commercial space incorporates state financial and business centres located in the iconic Silk Road Commerce Square Twin Towers, Offices, Hotel, Retail and Leisure complemented by a vibrant boulevard with ample below-ground parking.

The master-plan layout boasts a low environmental impact and a strong emphasis on a high-quality eco-friendly, energy and water efficient smart city designed to infuse ever-changing cycles of tradition, culture and modern family life.

MJ Developers is collaborating with the Award winning Architect Hafeez Contractor for Namangan Square project

A truly accomplished professional, the highly esteemed award-winning Architect Hafeez Contractor’s devotion to design excellence has seen him awarded the Padma Bhushan (3rd highest civilian honor) in January 2016 by the Government of India amongst other internationally respected accolades.

Boasting over 51 years of experience, 52 million square meters of ongoing projects and over 2500 clients worldwide.

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township population  over 10,000

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Features of
Namangan Square

We pride ourselves on a high standard of friendly cheerful service which cafers to the needs of the whole family.

  • 18 Hectares of prime Real Estate, 1km from Namangan Airport
  • Bringing You The Best Homes In Namangan City
  • Golf Course, Soccer Field
  • Lifestyle & Nature Trails – Cycling, Walking, Jogging
  • Kindergarten, English School, Next To Presidential School
  • Shopping & Offices spaces
  • Exclusive Private Access & Child Safe Play Areas

The Residential Block

Inspired by a true character of rich history, culture and design excellence, NS offers finishes that defy the imagination capturing the essence of the city’s economic evolution. The façade combines the principles of modern design and style infused with an artistic character of local culture and traditions.

Every residential block is arranged over a 9-storey tower with eight (8) floors featuring luxury apartments and two (2) exclusive penthouses, each with their own garden sanctuary facing balcony and terrace. The apartments are flooded with natural light, unleashing an ambient atmosphere of comfort and energy. The project has been thoughtfully conceptualized with every attention to detail and maximum space optimization living you with an amazing living experience.

The common spaces are intimate and inviting offering a sense of luxury and exclusivity. In a stunning and dramatic contrast, the residential buildings offer two 1000kg sophisticated elevators in each 9-storey block ensuring absolute convenience and ease of access.

The Apartments

Each apartment is created with high quality designs for ultimate style completely and fully designed (with all repairs). The visually mesmerizing apartments range from 51 m2 – 218 m2 layouts all designed to maximize living space.

Featuring large balconies, en-suite bathrooms in each room, the masterfully apartments are strategical positioned to attract carefully balanced natural lighting.

Designed to exude luxury and opulence, the space is defined by its volume, a dramatic dark painted ceiling, filled with textured, handcrafted detail and customized furnishings.

The Penthouse

Exclusively offered strictly by invitation, this 5 room Penthouse, is a haven of opulence exhibiting the hallmarks of a 5-star luxury suite.

The penthouse space is defined by dramatic luxury finishes filled with textured and handcrafted details. Two unique penthouse residences at the top of each 9-storey block exceed all expectations with 270-degree views and with contemporary designs.

Each of the penthouses is complete with flow-through layouts, 5 bathrooms, large balconies, and garden terraces, separate staff quarters, impeccable finishes and fixtures. Designed to conquer the imagination, the penthouses are the true symbols of a richly rewarding life.

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