MJ Developers – Infinite Possibilities

MJ Developers is a reputable international brand owned by a leading company with over 15 years of global business experience and expert market knowledge.

Headquartered in Dubai, it is a creation of the Jalan family that has a wealth of business experience in diverse industries spanning over 40 years in various countries including India, Russia, Brazil and UAE.

MJ Developers’ diversified real estate portfolio ranges from investment and development of multiple real estate projects as well as the leasing of heavy-duty construction equipment to some of the most recognized multinational corporations in Dubai, UAE.

MJ Developers is guided by a high standard of corporate and ethical governance that define its operational approach. Innovation, creativity and vertical integration are core drivers of the brand’s long-term vision. Notable projects include the development of mixed-use residential projects and hospitality in Namangan, Bukhara and Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

MJ Developers unleashes a dominant focal point with this exceptionally desirable urban treasure in a prime location boasting a breadth of rich history, unlocking a haven of life in Uzbekistan.

For more information please logon to www.themjdevelopers.com

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