It is a favourable location for your business!

An amazing mix of nature and modern buildings will attract any Namangan resident to visit Namangan Square and will provide excellent traffic.

Central Plaza is a starting point in the commercial sector. A cozy park area with a grand fountain will become a favourite meeting place for residents and guests of the city.

Panoramic windows will provide excellent visibility

The areas are perfect place for office as well as for shops and restaurants

Each room has a water supply

Each commercial area has parking zones that will provide convenience for your clients

Iconic Towers

Twin towers with 18 floors of luxury commercial areas. The first-of-its-kind project will position Namangan as Ferghana Valley’s main economic hub.

Boulevard Plaza

Boulevard Plaza is a lively, picturesque boulevard with shops, cafes, restaurants and a night bazaar. A wide area of over 320 meters long and a variety of formats will definitely provide high traffic.


Modern office areas conveniently located in one of the most prestigious areas of Namangan. Offering premium office spaces with sophisticated and efficient technologies.