Uyda pozitiv!


In order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, all residents of our country are called to self-isolation. But, as it turned out, staying at home is not an easy task, and staying at home in a good mood is even more difficult. In Tashkent, brands and content makers tend to respond quickly to current events, but less content is created for regions.

Today we want to talk about one social project that was launched in Namangan – “Uyda Positiv” as part of the Namangan Square development project of Murari Jalan. The goal of the project, which turned around in social networks of the Namangan Square brand, is to encourage Namangan residents to maintain a positive mood and try different activities while staying at home.

Stars and many other talented people responded and decided to call to brighten up the self-isolation of Namangan residents and everyone with their advices.

Actress Zarina Nizamutdinova, for example, offers to watch her favorite movies with her participation. A well-known choreographer, Sergey Zlotnikov, teaches subscribers to dance together. One of the best DJs in Uzbekistan, DJ Ochil, will share a selection of cool tracks for a good mood.

In addition to entertainment, there are also useful life hacks and lessons. An international-class stylist, Mirzhalil Isamukhamedov, will show you how to cut a child’s hair at home. Bahriddin Chustiy will teach you how to make delicious samsa, and Zarina Hasanova, the founder of the Foxford Academy training center, will teach an English lesson for children. Moreover, the talented participants will teach you the basics of beatbox, lezginka and national dance, show you what you can do for children and create a spring mood, tell you about the platforms for creating computer games, as well as teach you the correct breathing technique for health promotion.

In addition to social support for Namangans, the company distributes one thousand boxes of food as material assistance to socially vulnerable segments of the population within the framework of the Namangan Square project.

Such projects inspire and we want to share them with everyone, because they express the most important thing — the desire to support each other, be united and find positive sides in life. We also suggest that you go to Namangan Square’s social media pages and join the project. The positive of the house is in our hands. #UydaPozitiv.

The project concept was developed and implemented by the international advertising agency FCB Artgroup Uzbekistan.

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